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1st Royal Character & Values Limited is a social capital development & management company, with keen interest in society re-engineering through mind re-orientation. Our goal is to work with our individual and corporate clients to attain and retain their dreams by building strength of character through training, consultancy and advocacy.


We do individual and corporate character training, we also groom character-certified individual by developing their social capital.


We offer affordable fee-based consultancy to our clients which are management and team of all privately-owned corporate organizations.


We offer public support or recommendation of a particular cause or policy and help clients attain and sustain success in business and life

We groom character-certified individuals and corporate clients globally by developing a strong social capital base for them. We train and consult to help our clients attain, retain and sustain success in business and life, using globally-acceptable character development strategies.

Core Values

Value Addition

All interactions with us must be value driven, value based or its not worth your investment.


It is our commitment to do the same things or clients love in differently better ways always.


What thrills us is to simplify doing business for all stakeholders.

God Factor

We have self-imposed boundaries and this compass defines our limits in every consideration.


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September 2, 2020

MIND YOUR CHARACTER!!! – (Personal Character Content Analysis CONT’D ‘Wk 3b) – CO-OPERATE WITH YOUR ‘MORAL POLICEMAN’ *It’s amazing to know that every human being has a moral policeman ‘attaché’! …

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October 11, 2019

MIND YOUR CHARACTER, SUNDAY SPECIAL!!! IF WOLE SOYINKA TOOK OFF HIS HAIR … WILL HE STILL BE SOYINKA? Here’s a call to pay more attention to things that have permanent …

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October 11, 2019

MIND YOUR CHARACTER- SUNDAY SPECIAL!!! WHEN YOUR JACKET SHOULDN’T DEFINE YOUR WORTH … *Dear emerging public speaker/figure. *Speaking honestly, besides a plot to deliver great content, what’s your next biggest …

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About Us

RCV is a social capital (character) development and management company. We do individual and corporate character training, consulting and advocacy.

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