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RCA Business

Here, we offer affordable fee-based training and consultancy to our clients which are management and team of all privately-owned corporate organizations (whether small, medium, conglomerates, and multinationals).
Here is How we Positively Influence your Bottom-line:

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• We help fertilize your small businesses to grow big and big ones to grow even bigger by recapitalizing your social capital base, that is, the individual and organizational character.
• We design turnaround, custom-made character modules for business owners, workers, and the organizational culture, hence retaining your competitive edge.
• We expose your human resource service providers to the world-class C3 concept aimed at hiring for character strength and not only competence or paper qualification. This saves your company the investment lost on wrong recruitment and high staff turnover.
• Using our modules, unique to each environment of operations, we empirically establish the link between your business bottom line and the strength of your corporate social capital. If you are in doubt about the power of the best workplace character, try hiring a thief as your company accountant.
Here, we do fee-based training and consultancy for government functionaries, public office holders, and government workers to inject the turnaround character dose into doing business.
We are very passionate about this, especially because they hold the commonwealth of the society in trust. It is fee-based and designed to reach out to an individual in civil service and sundry organizations.

RCA Education

This is a catch-them-young initiative, but much more targeted at re-orientating educators. We achieve this by very affordable fee-based training, retraining, monitoring, and evaluation, while prompting educators at all levels to volunteer to be positive character role models (torchbearers) to their students.
An interesting part of this operation is visiting schools of all categories, especially on invitation, to induct students into the lifelong character journey through the Character Ambassadors Club, until they glaze their names in the hall of fame of character-certified personalities.
At the CA Club, we emphasize on the benefits of growing and retaining strong character, thus one by one, wooing young minds to take their stand for doing it right wherever they are found. They also pledge to the character commitment creed always.
Here’s Where Our Hearts Are At:

  • We are very passionate about this aspect of the RCA vision because of the fast-falling state of our value system as a people. The rate is so alarming that it threatens to soon make the society inhabitable for positive-minded people.
  • In our operations, teachers, proprietors, and the ministries of education will be encouraged to become character-certified ambassadors, to carry the torch to their classrooms beyond the subjects they teach.
  • We prompt them to reward good character traits publicly and handsomely as scholastic achievements.