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Through our flagship brand, the Royal Character Academy, we currently provide services to three broad categories of clientele class with specific modules that serve their interests.

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  • Corporate Character Modules: We offer affordable training and allied growth support services to the management and team of all categories of public and privately-owned organisations in a way that influences company's bottom-line, Our training designs as custom-made, turnaround character modules for business owners, workers and the organisational culture, hence retaining your competitive edge.
  • School Support Character Modules: This is for the education sector. It is a catch-them-young initiative, but essentially targeted at re-orientating educators. We offer very affordable training, retraining, monitoring and evaluation services to schools. Ultimately, we induct educators at all levels as Character Torchbearers (role models).
  • Upon invitation, we induct students into lifelong character development through the Character Ambassadors Club, ultimately to glaze their names in the hall of fame of character-certified personalities.
  • Civil Service Character Re-engineering Modules: Every lofty policy of government works or halts based on the strength or weakness of the civil service. Through our affordable training modules, we help civil servants to imbibe and stand up for best workplace character to realize its positive impact on nation building.
  • Character is everything to successful leadership.