Wednesday, December 6, 2023

*This consulting-fit piece was first published by me in 2020, just after the Covid19 lockdowns in Nigeria.

*It practically shows you how to #nevergetsacked by your employer, rather you #nameyourpay.

*You’d find it really useful if you possess a career growth mindset.

>>>Happy Reading <<<

*Both employers and employees currently have a dire need to sell more and make more money.

*If a business consistently gets no/low sales, it soon gets eased out, while its employees equally lose their means of livelihood.

*It’s no longer business as usual for either party as both seem to stand ‘frontline economic risks’ in the scheme of things, post Covid19 lockdown.

*The bitter truth is that rather than retaining all workers during business turbulence, the employer weeds out dispensable hands.

*The crux of this piece is to share with you how you never get sacked … Nobody weeds cash crops out of farmland!


You need these productivity mindsets as you return to work:

1. I must make myself/services #indispensable!

*Truth is that since that full lockdown, some companies have been able to operate with fewer team members; thus business owners and decision-makers keep seriously considering sustaining the pattern, in order to save some costs.

*But, you see, becoming indispensable on that team is all you have to worry about now. Get cracking on how!

2. No matter what I was initially employed to do, I must bring in #sales or facilitate it!

*Salaries and other overheads do not get paid by mere operational and administrative activities, but by productivity and profiting!

*Stop the joke of, ‘I’m not a natural marketer!’

*Go, hone your selling and marketing skills; make money for the business and you most reasonably would stay!

3. I must improve my customer experience #responsiveness quotient.

*No matter your department or duty in that organization, realise you are first a customer service provider!

*You should churn out time-saving, value-adding, loyalty-earning, and delightsome ideas that make your customers prefer your organization.

*Even if you are a janitor, initiating great customer delighting ideas, interpreting, or implementing them will perpetually keep your name off the sack list, currently on your employer’s table or mind!

4. I must up my #creative#thinking skills.

*Yes! And you must be deliberate, tactical, and definite about this.

*If in the past, you had never spared time to think about money-making, profit-boosting, turnover-surging, or greater cash flow ideas for your company, you can’t still remain that ‘careless’ and retain your job there!

*Everyone running a business currently seeks solutions to certain questions they never had to answer before.

*Therefore, making yourself a business-prospect-creative thinker on your team makes you an asset!

*So going forward, spare some of your personal time to think like your employer, and watch your mind buzz with great ideas.

*You can’t improve on whatever you don’t meditate on.

*Great brands feed on great ideas regularly.

*Be your team’s ideas pipeline or generator.


*Long after the public health storms settle, dispensable workers, who are low on resourcefulness and productivity or who prefer to do just what they were employed to do, still stand the risk of losing their means of livelihood!

*On the other hand, team members who understand the game, and keep giving resourcefulness their best can even ask for more or bargain for an upgrade to become part owners of the business.


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I want the best for you…

I’m Bosede E. Olusola-Obasa.

#Personal&CorporateCulture Enthusiast, Trainer, Consultant.



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