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MIND YOUR CHARACTER!!! – (Personal Character Content Analysis CONT’D ‘Wk 3b) - RCV

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September 2, 2020

MIND YOUR CHARACTER!!! – (Personal Character Content Analysis CONT’D ‘Wk 3b)

*It’s amazing to know that every human being has a moral policeman ‘attaché’!
*’He’ is the key differentiator between HUMANS and all ANIMALS!
*Most times, ’he’ performs the duties of a search light, reaching the torch down inside of you.
*No other companion may relate to you on all your affairs the way ‘he’ does.
*‘He’ is your CONSCIENCE!
– Your Moral-Boundaries Decider.
–Your Right-Move Prompter
– Your C-Caution.
– Your Risk/Scandal Preemption Mechanism, etc.
*He is very responsible, reliable, and persuasive – never insistent or having the final word.
*No one can master the act of personal character development and management without cooperating with his moral policeman.
*Those who ‘claim’ to be incompetent to decipher between good and evil, right or wrong are either dishonest to selves or have MURDERED their in-built ‘moral policeman’ – CONSCIENCE!
*If you care about ATTAINING great heights and SUSTAINING your achievements, KEEP YOUR CONSCIENCE ALIVE.
*It is your responsibility. Once you KILL ‘him’, you automatically condescend to ‘being like animals’ in your values.
*NB: You always had that moment to choose before you MADE UP YOUR MIND what to do.
*No wonder all the ODDS in our society?
*Don’t add to the WOES! MIND YOUR CHARACTER!

“Character lives in a man, reputation outside of him” – J. G. Holland

More later …
I’m Bosede Olusola-Obasa and I’m still excited #addingvalue to you.
I work with RCV as Social Capital Asset Trainer & Consultant (Personal and Corporate Clients).
Lead Facilitator, Royal Character Academy.
Host, MIND YOUR CHARACTER on InspirationFM.
www.facebook.com/rcv-character development.

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